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What Raw Food Do I Eat Each Day?

This post comes in response to a question I get asked so often as many of you can’t really imagine what I nourish myself from. And I must admit that I didn’t really have much idea either of what people following the raw food lifestyle ate each day. So this video gives you the answer: I’m finding it so important to eat the foods that energise me and make me feel good. So I tune in after each meal, about … Continue reading

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How to Make a Green Juice that Makes you Wake up and Dance!

I must admit, I have a reputation for being able to drink anything that you can dredge out of your hedge. And this little drink is really no exception (and no, it’s not a pint of Guiness). I’m having a good laugh as I write this, gleefully anticipating sharing with you what is in it. I know making green juices really isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (excuse the pun), but they give you such a health boost and are great … Continue reading

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