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Making New Year Changes to Silkandart

I’m starting the new year off with renewed energy and am back now breathing more life into my blog again. First of all, I just wanted to give an update on what’s happening in the Silk & Art workshop so that you can decide if this is something you’re interested in following along further with me. I’ve currently got a really big sale on in my Etsy shop. All of my silks are on special offer at 30% discount including … Continue reading

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How to Paint a Silk Scarf Using Soya Wax

I’ve been having quite a bit of fun recently exploring soya wax again. Last week I painted a pink scarf with lotus motifs on it, using two layers of dye and soya. In the meantime it has been steamed but I haven’t had the opportunity to photograph it by daylight and catch the right shade of pink. So watch out for that appearing in the next day or so. Yesterday and today I’ve been working on a square silk crepe … Continue reading

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Hand Painted Silk Scarves and Laney DeJesus’s Home-Made Fudges

I’m about to get started on painting a silk scarf for a lovely friend of mine who is doing a wonderful barter with me. You see, she creates the most delicious home made fudges with all sorts of mind-blowing ingredients that are guaranteed to give you a high just thinking about them. Delicious liqueurs, chocolates, fruits, nuts, spices…… Her name is Laney DeJesus and you can visit her fabulous Facebook page here –Chocolate Moose Fudge. Make sure you ask to … Continue reading

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