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Heart Connections

A couple of days ago I did a short reading based on the card I drew from my deck for the day. It was Heart Connection. If  there’s one thing I’ve come to realise about my heart, it’s that I can’t pretend to have it open some of the time, and then close it down at other times when it suits me. Either my heart is wide open or it’s contracted and closed. It’s quite simple really. And it’s a … Continue reading

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Change Your Mind and Follow Your Heart

Today was one of those days. I had things lined up and was working on various projects and smaller tasks. The sun was streaming down and so I took my laptop out into the garden to enjoy the warmth and fresh air. Mmmm…I so loved that. The butterflies were fluttering around me. Busy little bees were flitting in and out of the open blossoms in the garden. The flowers and bushes were gently bobbing in the soft breeze. And believe … Continue reading

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