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Last Super Bowl Episode at the Spiritual Bootcamp (Part 9)

A few minutes after I made that last video for you talking about my emotional release after the salt water flush on Sunday morning, Genesis Sunfire had us back out on the field. The grass was wet and it was a cold, windy morning. As if that was going to change anything…. I had brought a yoga mat with me to do the exercises down on the grass, but when it came to the crunch, I just got down there … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Physical – Getting Into Action at Genesis Sunfire’s Spiritual Bootcamp (Part 5)

My last post showed how I experienced the first salt water flush and just after we made that last video, Genesis ushered us over to the field to get started on our physical fitness programme. Bearing in mind we’d had little sleep, got up at 5am to do 4 hours of salt water flush and with only some liquid in our stomachs were now going to be taken through the physical programme. We had been asked to bring yoga mats … Continue reading

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