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How Can You Tell You’re Sleep Walking Through Life? Waking up from the Nightmares and Fairytales

It can be quite a shock when you come to the realisation that you’ve been sleep walking most of your life. And it can be a shock when you realise that what you thought was you being authentic was you still sleeping pretending you were awake. For many years now I have been playing at being awake. As many of us do. It’s easy to fall into that trap. I thought I was waking up to the illusion of it … Continue reading

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Allowing Divine Intervention to Bring the Solution You are Seeking

I keep getting reminded of how, no matter what I many think, I am simply not in charge in my life. When I recognise that higher power, the Source, God, or whatever you feel most comfortable with, allows the free flow of abundance. When I remember to get out of my own way and ask for help, that’s when the magic really happens. I wanted to share with you how I experienced this a few days ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cmc2SoxsOA I’d love … Continue reading

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