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No-one Makes You do Anything – It’s all Your Choice

Yesterday evening I had a long chat with my youngest son. There had been a couple of days of him taking himself off for hours on end out of school and not coming home and the police had got involved. I spoke to him about the need for him to be in school and how we were compelled to provide full-time education for him until the age of 16. He told me that basically, we couldn’t make him do anything. … Continue reading

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You Need More than Relaxation Exercises to Find the Balance

It’s a fact that very many people are unable to find the balance between their work life and the time they spend at home or recreation. And if things get a bit tight, it’s the work that wins the day and everything else has to just get squeezed in somehow. So what is it that drives us to prioritise the stressful job over spending quality time with kids or partners? Fear of losing the job, not earning money, not being … Continue reading

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