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A Welcome Change of Perspective

It was such a warm, dreamy day again and so welcome here in Bristol. I was standing at the back door, thinking about how lovely it would be to lie in the sun, when I took a spontaneous decision to just go out and lie down on the pebble path. We don’t have grass here, just the gravel and lots of flower beds. So I eased myself down onto my back and it was actually rather comfortable. I just allowed … Continue reading

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A Change of Perspective

I love it when I have an unexpected change of perspective. And to be honest, it’s happening more and more these days. I love going onto the various forums and listening to what other people have to say, thinking at first that I have my onw preferred way of doing things. But then, oh so gradually, I notice that what the others are saying begins to take on an allure. And then, something from deep inside of me says, hey … Continue reading

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