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Learning to Step Back and Let Others Live Their Lives

Isn’t it strange? A couple of days ago I set intention to start focussing on how I can remove the boundaries between my private life and what I share in public. Then I experienced the rioting here in Bristol the very next night and wrote about fear and safety. And today something new has emerged… Pete, my eldest son, has arrived back from Australia well ahead of schedule. He had been communicating with me a lot and sharing his journey … Continue reading

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Defining Fear and the Bristol Riots

It was one of those synchronicities. I was at my kundalini dance session yesterday evening and our focus was on the base chakra. This is linked with themes such as belonging, stability, feeling at home and materialism to name a few. But the one that really jumped out for me was feeling safe. And so it shouldn’t have been any great surprise to leave the session at a very late hour and discover that riots were forming outside on the … Continue reading

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