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Integrity of Word

It’s important to realise that everything we express, whether in words or actions or other means, takes form in reality – indelibly, like an ink stamp. So it’s really important to bring awareness to what we are saying in every moment. Words mindlessly spillt out into the ether are touching, forming, changing…everything they encounter both directly and indirectly. And it’s important to be aware of where the words are coming from. Are they spewing out of a sewage canal filled … Continue reading

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Dropping the Stories and Becoming More Transparent

I’m loving continuing to bring into my awareness where I am holding onto stories that keep me stuck in identification with the mind. Every day I allow these stories to surface and I’m loving seeing them for what they are and gently letting them go. A couple of days ago I unexpectedly came across another one. As you know I eat mostly raw food these days but in between eat some smaller pieces of cooked food whenever it’s something I … Continue reading

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