Spiritual Surrender – Being on Track

Recently life has made a huge turnaround. I’m feeling more and more a real sense of surrender.

Suddenly I no longer have the need to run after things and get them done. There is a great sense of harmony and yet excitement and anticipation underlying every moment.

I know deep down that I am being led forward, step by step and all I need to do is respond with joy and passion. As I step into place, I feel my tank being filled with life force.

I am so grateful that I have stopped trying to work things out with my mind and am allowing something so much greater than myself to move me

I wake in the morning and after meditation and tuning in to my life purpose, I begin to move and follow completely the beckoning of my heart. The quiet whisperings that are becoming much more distinct.

And so I’m no longer questioning the odd ideas and visions that arise as I quieten my mind to ask for guidance. I know that I can never be off track.

As each moment unfolds, I smile to myself and laugh quietly at the perfection of it all, seeing how alive I feel. Just completely being me. Surprising myself as I go. And so thoroughly enjoying the ride.

Who am I indeed?

I’m excited to find out.

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