Speaking Only When I’ve Really Got Something to Say

I realised this morning that it’s been such a long time since I made any posts on this site. And looking back over the years I also realised that in the early days I made a point of posting regularly here so that readers always had something new to look at and enjoy.

Sure there are many older posts on this site sharing hints and tips around silk painting which many have found valuable. And it’s been lovely to pass on anything I have learned on my journey. I’ve also enjoyed sharing new deeper insights I have gained as I move  deeper within. Pink Clematis fionastolze

But it also seemed to me that this regular posting practice meant that I was sometimes posting just for the sake of posting because it was the supposed way to run a blog.  It is supposedly of prime importance to have a big readership, to draw people in with content and quantity, showing up regularly with valuable newssnippets.

And it struck me how absurd this was, particularly when I really didn’t have anything meaningful to say.

Why put something together with very little meaning just to draw in readers who will skim over it and move onto the next within seconds without giving your contribution a second thought…..

And I see that this is true for everyone  everywhere. New editions of magazines, newspapers, TV shows and the like keep being churned out. The reporters scurry around each week trying to find new things that will grab the interest of potential readers, trying to find things that will make the newest edition seemed stuffed full of amazing news which is really only gaping emptiness. Nothing that truly touches people’s hearts.

Just imagine how things would be if we truly only publicly shared when we really had something to share from the heart. Things that we were moved from within to share. Not just snippets of stuff snatched from the etheric grapevine that might strike fear and worry into people’s hearts.

And so I thought to myself that I would be moved by that and simply share whatever arises from that deeper space.

Without any agenda. Without any spin or story attached. Just sharing from the heart.

Looking forward to sharing.



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4 Responses to Speaking Only When I’ve Really Got Something to Say

  1. Elaine Catton says:

    Thanks Fiona, for sharing and inspiring us to follow our inner knowing rather than the dictates of our conditioning!

  2. Lisa says:

    Definitely resonates with me 🙂 The best sharing is that done with the heart, with no agenda. Thank you Fiona ♥

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