Silk Painting with Scarves, Mandalas and Gemstones

I just love synchronicities and I love how they occur at the least expected moments.

Chrysocolla and malachite inspired silk scarf

Recently I began exploring the world of gemstones starting off with a lovely green semi-precious stone in my collection. It was a mixture of chrysocolla and malachite. Well I went on to create a lovely silk which I now offer in my Etsy shop as made to order. This is it here.

I was then sent a few photographs by my gemologer friend Starlene Breiter which included one of a charoite, a rare stone found in Russia only a few decades ago. I really loved it and put it in my file for a project. (And by the way, Starlene and I have a really fun SilkandStars collaboration on offer for you – have a look).

Often when we let go of these things they begin to manifest in another form. I’ve been painting silks with lovely mottles backgrounds and then creating golden mandalas on top. And a couple of days ago I painted one which is a lovely blend of pinks and purples. I used up the leftover dyes to paint a smaller square version too.

Charoite silk scarf with golden mandala

When I posted photos today to my Facebook Page and timeline another friend of mine remarked how it reminded them of a charoite. I just had to smile and found that I couldn’t have created a greater similarity even if I’d had the stone in front of me whilst painting.

The charoite appears to be the stone of change, supporting transition and keeping you grounded at the same time. It can also stimulate psychic abilities and help to clear negativity and help you move forward in life.

I love the colour fuchsia/magenta¬† and there’s certainly a great deal of this colour in the stone. Also a colour which supports times of transition, helping you to ride the wave and welcome in the new.

Sugilite semi-precious stone supports the crown chakra

And then it was pointed out what great similarity the scarf has with the sugilite, a stone which I do have in my collection. This is a photo of it, showing its beautiful markings.

I then used up my leftover dyes and created a small square silk and was delighted with the way the patterning turned out.

Sugilite stone beside the small silk scarf

Doing a quick bit of research I found that the sugilite is also a relatively new gemstone and that it has the name ‘stone of love’. It’s perfect for opening your heart to humanity and attracting healing.

These patterns are fascinating to look at and such a joy to create. A real blast of colour therapy, gentle and healing and uplifting at the same time.

Purple and pink silk neckerchief

Such wonderful synchronicities. I love it indeed when the energy flows in this way, reminding us all of how interconnected we are, giving up guidance and pointers on the way.

Both of these scarves are available to purchase. Please either click on the photos above or visit my Etsy shop: Silkandart Etsy Shop

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