Silk Painting with Fiona Stolze – Using Premade Cushion Covers

Although I love to paint my cushion covers from scratch by making a silk satin front panel and sewing a dupioni zipped back panel, it is good to be able to use the premade cushion covers in between.

Ready made cushion cover with zipper

Just last week I decided to play with one. One word before I start. There are 3 different types of silk covers available. One is made of pongee and the others of crepe or crepe satin. I only use the satin as the habotai is so thin that it really has no substance as a cushion although it is wonderful for many other things.

Sewing the silk cushion cover

So spend that extra bit of money and buy satin.

I rinsed the silk well before I started. It’s so important to do that as very often the silk is gummed up with seracin. This is the gluey substance from the silk moths. Leaving this in the fabric can result in your dyes not flowing properly and the final effect looking patchy and blotchy.

I then did a soft blue base dye involving putting the silk in a large pot with very hot water and the dye mixed up in it. It takes about half an hour for the process to complete. In that time you have to keep gently stirring the moving the fabric around.

Next I added layers of different tones of green and blue. When it was all dry I rolled it up and steamed it for 3 hours to fix the dyes into the fabric.

The completed silk satin cushion.

Next I pinned and sewed it. A word of caution though about the mass made ready pieces. I talk about this in the video. The sides are not always straight so take a bit of time to adjust accordingly.

Finally turn it inside out, pop in a cushion pad and you’re ready to go. In case you’re interested you can find the listing for this silk cushion cover in my shop: Silkandart Etsy Shop. I find silk cushions really a beautiful addition to any space and the fabric lets your skin breathe beautifully too.

If you’d like me to create something special for you on silk, whether wearable, wall art soft furnishing, just contact me and we can chat about making it happen:

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