Silk Painting, Stars and Batik with Soya Wax

One of my current loves is creating designs on my silks using soya wax as a resist. I sometimes use brushes to apply the wax but mostly play around with the tjantings I have. This silk painting technique is a form of batik.

I normally apply a few layers of dye to the silk after each wax patterning. And today was no exception.

Recently I had painted a very pale, pastelly star pattern on a silk scarf and only today got around to creating the next layer.

I wasn’t sure what type of patterning to add, as I had had the idea to do more bubbles and also squiggly horizontal lines. So I decided to do one layer of each.

Today I did the bubbles layer and then mixed some shades to paint over the design. Now the whole scarf is completely wet and that’s where I get all excited and can’t wait to start the next layer.

But I’m going to have to wait as the wax resist won’t be nearly as effective if I try to do anything now.

So….fast forward. 5 hours later the silk is dry and I have been able to apply some wax lines on top to create a new pattern.

So it’s off to bed now and in the morning I’ll be applying some much darker dye to some of the marked areas for contrast.

I look forward to sharing with you my latest progress. The fun part is that the silk gets darker and darker with every layer and theĀ  parts I don’t cover with wax, or the ones I partition off retain the colour of dye from the layer beneath which results in beautiful colour combinations.

I’m looking forward to sharing the completed piece with you very soon.

If you would like me to create an original silk for you, please contact me at and we can have a chat about how to make that happen.

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2 Responses to Silk Painting, Stars and Batik with Soya Wax

  1. Sophia Kotsis says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you can share with me some instructions on your exact technique. I am making indigo batik for a class I am in and I can’t find precise instructions on the internet and I really don’t want to mess up. Your batik is beautiful by the way.

    Thank you,

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Dear Sophia

      I’m sorry but I don’t have a version of my exact technique for distribution. I’m glad you like my work and hope you can find a way to complete your work. Experiment if you are unsure and see what comes out of it.

      Good luck.


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