Silk Painting – Getting the Creative Urge Again

It’s been a very long time since I did some silk painting. In fact, too long.  Just far too long. Life just sometimes comes and leads you in a completely different direction. And then you get that urge again…

I was just looking through my thousands of photos of my silk painting adventures. This picture below shows my old dye cupboard in our Victorian town house from many moons ago.



The photo below this is one that some of you may remember. It looks a bit like a Union Jack and was when I was playing with steaming on a grid over one of my large pots. I loved how it turned out.

Union Jack Fiona Stolze silk painting

Despite the fact that I haven’t done any advertising or posting, I keep getting the occasional request for commissions, which I have simply been unable to carry out while studying. However, now I have some space and time. I’ve been having a think about how I could improvise and get started again without all of my equipment, which is currently a long way away on the other side of the planet.

I will start with what I have and then just build on that. Just get creative and improvise. So, regardless of whether or not I have my faithful old steamer with me and all my favourite dyes and brushes, I will start to make enquiries and dip my toes in.

Watch this space as I do some research and work out where to go from here.



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