Silk Painting and Mandalas in Lincombe Barn, Bristol

Update Feb 2020: I’m now in Canada and preparing online silk painting courses for you.

Silk painting is such a joy to do and it’s even more joy when others join you in a group. And I had that pleasure at the weekend when 3 other aspiring silk painters met with me to create their own silk mandalas.

Starting the mandala outline on the silk using gold resist

We were in a venue I haven’t worked in before. Lincombe Barn is the home of the Downend Folkhouse Association, just past Bristol City limits, a few metres into South Gloucestershire. It was such a beautifully warm day and the sun’s rays were streaming in the window adding to the lovely creative ambience we had manifested.

Completing the gold resist mandala design on the silk

Here are some pictures of how the day progressed, showing you the mandalas growing bit by bit.

Heat setting the gold resist

The first step was to create the pattern on the silk using gold water-based resist to contain the French dyes which would otherwise freely flow all over the fabric. Next we fixed this resist into the silk, speeding up the drying process using the hairdryer.

Painting the dyes onto the silk mandala

After that we brushed the vibrant dyes on, much the same way you would do when using watercolours. I taught the group some silk painting techniques they could use to achieve some interesting effects in their mandalas.

The proud artists with their silk mandalas

The final picture you see is of the proud artists sharing their beautiful silk artwork. I took the pictures home with me to let them dry overnight before rolling them up in paper in a steam bath for 3 hours to permanently fix the dyes in the silk. The completed mandalas will then be sent off in the post tomorrow to their new homes.

These gorgeous mandala panels are then attached to backing boards, framed and hung up to be loved and appreciated by everyone who sees them.

If you would like to take part in one of my silk painting workshops, please contact me at for more information. I can even come and teach your own private group for some party fun.

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2 Responses to Silk Painting and Mandalas in Lincombe Barn, Bristol

  1. Sean Campbell says:

    Very nice, Fiona – this spread should encourage some of the other people who haven’t yet decided to commit to one of your workshops which, by the way, are great fun and very productive !

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Hi Sean – so glad you like the post and enjoyed the workshop. Your mandala turned out beautifully and I hope to be able to get it sent off to you very soon now. Someone on Facebook commented that they really liked your artwork. x

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