Silk Mandala Painting – starting to get creative again

It’s amazing how that creative urge just keeps on pushing its way back up to the surface no mattgold lotus picer what other things I am doing. And since I don’t have the supplies that I used to, it lets me look at working with what is at hand, despite having grandiose ideas about how things should look. What a great analogy for life and being present to what is.

I got hold of some small square canvases and created some silk mandala images that were then mounted on them.

Here are some of the first pieces I painted over this past week. Lotuses and astrological symbols with fresh Spring greens and turquoise as backgrounds. It was a bit tricky to pCancer astro picaint on top of these colours as not everything matches and blends.

So my next step will be to get out the pinks and magentas and go for a different colour palette.  Depending on how the creative juices flow, I may take steps to get hold of some dyes from overseas that will enable me to to create different effects and expand the range of colours I can work with.

But just for now it is nice to just be with what is.


I hope you enjoy seeing some of these images and I look forward to sharing more as I progress with my different colour schemes.

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