I’d love to introduce you to a project of mine that I began recently. This video sums up what it’s about.

You can find The Cosmic Web by following this link. As times by you will find an extension of the work I have begun on this site, including talking to other inspirational people who have a lot to share.

4 Responses to THE COSMIC WEB

  1. Chris Grey says:

    Hi Fiona!

    I am thrilled to see you stepping out in a new way within the cyber world! I look forward to tracking you through your websites and newsletters. Keep up the beautiful work you’re doing and thank you for sharing it with the world.
    much love, Chris

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Hi Chris, so lovely to hear from you again and delighted you’re going to keep in touch with what I’m doing. I’m feeling ready to take things onto the next level and am trusting the process. I love doing social media and find it’s a wonderful way to reach out and touch larger numbers of people. Hope you’re well and enjoying life too. x

  2. Fiona, I am so inspired by your goals, your kindness and your warmth. Your online presence (twitter, etc.) is so soothing to follow that I make many of your tweets my “favorites” which are then posted on my blog. You may not have a physical space for your spiritual center but you are creating the community you talked about online! I am so pleased to have your presence in my life. Thank you.

    Twitter: robertssister1
    caregiving. family. advocacy.

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Trish, I feel very blessed that my work is touching you in this way. Thank you for sharing what I put out there. I appreciate that very much. And always remember that we are but reflections of each other.


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