Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of Others

So often in life we are totally unable to see and hear ourselves. Yes, most of us can look in the mirror and see the reflection or hear our voice as we speak to others.

But I’m talking about hearing and seeing on a much deeper level.

How much of what we say is uttered without us giving so much as a second thought to what we’ve said. And how much of what we do is simply done without any great attention being brought to it.

If you stopped today and began to take note of every single thing you said and did, you might get a shock.

What percentage of those things do you think would be truly inspiring, uplifting, respectful and loving?

Do you think any of them would be unkind? Do you think any of them would be harmfully aimed at other people?

And what if you stopped to consider that maybe everything you were seeing were simply a reflection of yourself? What if your whole world were simply a giant feedback system that spelled things out to you, letter by letter? Showed you down to the finest detail what you were putting out there?

What if every person who every annoyed, disrespected or maltreated you were simply a mirror image of yourself, helping you to see how to readjust to get back on course, back into alignment with your soul purpose?

Love ‘out there’ as a reflection of love ‘within’. Pain ‘out there’ as a reflection of pain ‘within’.

Because you aren’t able to truthfully see and hear yourself.

And in actual fact, there is no out there at all.

I’m just asking because that’s my reality. And I experience huge power in knowing this. I was wondering if it had any similarity with yours too…..

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