Saying Thank You to the People Who Trigger You

We’re all the same, aren’t we? We find it easy to be comfortable with and like those people who make life easy for us and agree with what we’re doing in life.

On the other hand we tend to go quickly into defence mode with those people who aren’t really saying what we want to hear.

fiona stolze people who trigger you

I just caught myself yesterday feeling a bit miffed at what someone had said to me and then caught myself. Remembering that my whole world is really just a fully-personalised feedback system, I was able to immediately slow down and be grateful that this had happened.

This was what was unfolding. I was being given a golden opportunity on two accounts. Firstly, to realise that this person was a complete mirror of me and that the words coming from their mouth were actually coming from mine.  Ah….a nice little portion of humble pie had just been served up.

And secondly, what they were saying was being said to bring me to a place of clarity. It was for me to get really clear and say what was true instead of beating around the bush. For example, a beautifully clear yes or no instead of saying something wishy-washy and non-committal. So a sweet and gentle and clear no resounded. And that was it.

What a relief. And how easy at the same time. No need for me to feel triggered in any way by anything anyone else says to me. I’m just seeing me in the other, and it allows me to be crystal clear in my honesty.

Thank you universe.

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