Room with a View – Heart Blossoming

This is truly a room with a view. Such an amazing explosion of blossoms in such a wonderful range of colours. Hues from soft pinks, peaches, warming yellows to soft sky blues and lilacs. A wonder of nature that always surprises and delights me.

hydrangea bush

I love peeping out of the window to see this extravaganza. A gift that came with this house we moved into 7 months ago. And it’s such fun to look out through the top pane to see the blooms from above. Then crouch down and glimpse them from below through the potted plants on the windowsill. The bush seems larger than life. The view that young children have when they gaze upon everything in this world.

Isn’t it amazing when everything looks new and exciting. A real feast for the eyes. As if we were peeping out for the first time ever. Picking up all the tiny details. Soaking up the wonder of it all. Seeing the inherent beauty in every part of it.

Looking out with no preconceived ideas of what we are experiencing. Without any thoughts and memories. Now, new, for the first time ever.

Opening, expanding, heart connection.

Wonder, surrender.



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2 Responses to Room with a View – Heart Blossoming

  1. Ella Inglis says:

    What a beautiful view Fiona, I keep going back to it and imagine
    that is my window I am looking out of.

    Kind regards

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Hello Ella – lovely to see you on my blog. And yes, it really is pretty to look out onto.

      Warm wishes, Fiona x

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