Raw Food is the Ultimate Fast Food

I’m so loving all the revelations that are flooding into my consciousness now that I’m moving forward with the raw food lifestyle.

It was only a couple of days ago that it became clear to me that that I had discovered yet another benefit to leaving cooked food behind me. And this is what ‘clicked’:

I can vividly remember how for many, many years I felt really down after a meal, not having the energy to get into the kitchen and clean up the mess. I can remember saying repeatedly that this would be a reason to either stop eating so much or cutting out eating altogether.

Little did I know that a new development lay on the horizon. I’ve always been one of those people who likes instant gratification as far as food goes. I like to tune in to what I fancy eating and then just have it manifest magically in front of me on the plate. If I have to wait too long, I often lose interest and then end up eating very little.

So, when I broke through some major limiting beliefs and started the raw food lifestyle, I was delighted when the light bulb went on and I realised that my wish had come true.

Tune in first. What would you like to eat right now? Salad with lots of grated carrots, onions, radish, cucumber, mixed seeds, olive oil and pepper. Your wish is my command. Within 10 minutes it’s ready and I’m eating. And afterwards, to say that the cleaning up takes seconds is no exaggeration.

I’m loving life these days and am finding more and more reasons why I would want to continue doing what I do. And I meant it seriously in the video about my book! . Watch out for it at some point in the not too distant future. It’s in the ether and bursting to be written. Nothing like making yourself accountable to the masses. Yikes! Haha, I always love a challenge as you know.

Looking forward to sharing more of my journey with you.

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