Presenting the Gallery from the Third Mantangle Challenge

It’s time to make the presentation again and I’m sure that the whole mantangle thing doesn’t need an introduction any more, but for those of you who are visiting for the first time, you might want to check out this blog post which explains where it all came from: The First Mantangle Challenge.

Well this time round the set challenge was to include a circle, a triangle and a square. Any form of resist could be used as well as any type of dye or paint on the silk. Here’s the brief itself: The Third Mantangle Challenge

This time round we have 10 entries which are as diverse as they were in the first two rounds. Such a joy to see how everyone comes and interprets the challenge in a different way.  And I might add that I had my hands all tied up in lots of other things and had to bow out at the last moment but it really is a pleasure to be able to share everyone else’s work.

So here they are:

(1) Agnes Szikszai –

A mantangle created by Agnes Szikszai

(2) Anderson Moore –

A mantangle by Anderson Moore

(3) Andrea Hajdu –

A mantangle by Andrea Hajdu

(4) Herman van Roey –

A mantangle by Herman van Roey

(5) Mariel Trill Guillot –

A mantangle by Mariel Trill Guillot

(6) Mary Ann Holley – Heaven on Earth Silk Facebook Page

A mantangle by Mary Ann Holley

(7)  Phylis Barfoot –Phylis Barfoot Facebook Page

A mantangle by Phylis Barfoot

(8) Ron Gutman –

” I drew a few doodles for this challenge but when I picked up my triangle and began playing with it…this design began to develop. It started off with more of a pseudo Egyptian/Extraterrestrial kinda’ feel but then evolved and changed into this more pop/deco look.”

A mantangle by Ron Gutman

(9) Sandy Hopper –

A mantangle by Sandy Hopper

(10) Szokene Kelenyi Krisztina –

A mantangle by Szokene Selenyi Krisztina

(11) Judy Szabo –

A mantangle by Judith Szabo

Please note: all copyright remains with the artists who created each piece. These images are not intended for the public domain and cannot be used in any way without the artists’ permission. Thank you for your understanding.

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2 Responses to Presenting the Gallery from the Third Mantangle Challenge

  1. Joy Light says:

    Fabulous creativity, I am always delighted when I see the infinite variations on a theme such as this! Congratulations to all on the Third Mantangle Challenge!!

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