Passionate About Silk and Art and Colour

Yesterday evening the setting sun was lighting the back wall in my bedroom up beautifully. I had hung one or two pieces of clothing against the cupboard door and noted how pretty the colours looked together.

So I went up to the attic and got my camera down and started to take a few shots.

These are some of the latest silks I’ve painted and I noticed what a predominance of pinks and oranges there is in my work at present.

It’s such a pleasure and joy to be able to work with colour this way and silk is such a beautifully expressive fabric. Although it is very demanding when it comes to sewing, silk remains the queen of fabrics for me and will remain my love life-long.

I’ve discovered what fun it is to wear my own creations and so you’ll be seeing more of me draped in my original artworks.

There’s just something so special and wondrous about completing a silk piece, rolling it up in its silk steam bath for 3 hours and then unwrapping it. It’s only then that the silk reveals its true nature and you get to see the iridescent sheen and the lustrous colours. And of course the lovely soft drape.


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4 Responses to Passionate About Silk and Art and Colour

  1. Fiona, I have been working a lot with Oranges too. It is not for everyone but it sure makes exciting pieces. Must be the summer sun speaking through the silk right.

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Nice to hear. I so agree. Orange is so alive and bursting with joy and vitality. A real artist’s colour x

  2. Lynda Maenius says:

    I love the beautiful colors that you create. Your silk fabrics bring joy to so many. Thank you for sharing with me. Lynda

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Lynda, thank you so much for your comments and it’s my pleasure to share my work and passion with you. 🙂

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