When the Workshop’s Over, What Next? (Part 10)

We had come to the end of the workshop. Each of us had really given all we could and more and here we were sitting in a circle again, looking at the implications of what we had just worked through.

For me it had been about going somewhere that I just hadn’t really seen any sense in going to.  I had felt so comfortable with me life, just plodding along, eating what I had always eaten and doing what I had always done and thought I was doing well enough.

And coming to this workshop had woken me up with a jolt to the reality that lay within me.

One of the biggest challenges of all lay ahead. I had naively believed that this was going to be something I would do for the  weekend and then I would continue my life with some new beliefs and see things a big differently.

What I didn’t know was that we were about to be challenged to make this a new way of being. The salt flush was to be continued at home and we were being asked to seriously think about how we were going to nourish ourselves from now on.

Here is Genesis talking about what lay ahead:

Well, I certainly became hugely aware of myself during this time. In a way I had never met myself before.

And one thing has become so clear to me. I will never let anyone dictate to me what I can or can’t do.  Including myself. In fact, especially myself. I want to go there and find out what lies beyond the self-imposed limitations. Life has suddenly become very hands on, very experiential.  What I experienced at this workshop, no-one could have prepared me for.

Experiencing myself like this, close up and in the raw was hugely illuminating.

And to be honest, I know there’s a whole lot more to learn about myself. But I love this big start I’ve made. The huge crack I’ve made in the facade. And I’m ready to continue chipping away at all, day by day, bit by bit.

Life just won’t be the same again.

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