Opposing Elements – Fire and Water in Acrylic

I was recently drawn to play with acrylic paints again and so I got out a couple of canvases and squeezed a few spirals of paints onto a board to get ready.

Blue abstract painting acrylic fionastolze

Painting with acrylics is no different from painting on silk in the sense that I have no real idea of what will emerge in the process.

Orange firey abstract acrylic painting fionastolze

It was so lovely to get really physical, using my selection of palette knives to plaster the paints onto the canvas rhythmically.

Blue abstract acrylic fionastolze

The first layers looked as though everything was going to be relatively gentle and harmonious. But by the time I came back to it on the third day, an additional layer of firey reds and copper on top of the yellows and orange tones transformed the painting into a wild frenzy.

acrylic picture abstract fionastolze

And parallel to this I created a canvas using a selection of blues. The process was very similar. Gentle, soothing base coats building up to top layers of thick plastered colours.

acrylic picture abstract fionastolze

Lots of movement. Waves and cross fire.

acrylic painting abstract fionastolze

I was able to really lose myself in this and am happy to share this process with you.

Blue abstract acrylic fionastolze

I have them both hanging in my kitchen now.

acrylic painting abstract fionastolze

You can find further details about both of these pieces in my shop by following these links:

The Deep Emerging on the Surface

Fire Walk with Me

And please contact me if you’d like your own colourful frenzy in acrylics: art commission by Fiona Stolze

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