Opening to the Flow of Resources Available

I grew up instilled with the belief that resources were limited and that I had to work hard to get enough money together to buy what I needed. I also believed that my resources were mine and your resources were yours and there was no changing that.

fiona stolze mandala oracle deck a sea of calm

It would have been really embarrassing to let people know that I didn’t have what I thought I needed to move on and so I used to hide that and just struggle on, not realising that it could all be very different.

And I’m sure I wasn’t alone in any of this. How often do we firmly believe that doing it ourselves is the only way?

And how difficult is it to challenge what has become so firmly ingrained in our psyche… But questioning our deepest beliefs is the only way to breaking through to new ways of seeing.

Well, I’m really glad that I had a huge turnaround in how I saw things and began to see how my fixed ideas were limiting the way I moved in this world. I’d love you to listen to this video I have just made in response to The Cosmic Web oracle card I have just picked.

I’d love you to share how taking action on changing your beliefs has moved things differently for you. Do leave your comments and let me know.

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