Live Online Card Readings on YouTube with Starlene Breiter and Fiona Stolze

Starlene and I had such a lovely time today doing live readings and chat on YouTube and Facebook. It was fun! It’s been such a while since we did something together and teaming up like this made it feel like yesterday.

We met online about 10 years ago. Starlene is a vibrational astrologer and regularly shares her readings on YouTube and Facebook. Each of us used to do our own BlogTalkRadio shows and a follower that watched us put us in touch on Facebook. Way back then, of course, I didn’t have my own mandala oracle deck and worked with decks by other authors.

fiona stolze mandala oracle deck sea of calm

So today we had a great catch-up on what both of us had been doing in the meantime and were able to do short one-card readings for people that were tuning in via the Facebook chat box. Here’s a recording of the hour we spent together. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed hosting it for you. And watch out for us doing this again soon!

You can find all our contact details on the YouTube page below the video.

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