New Silk Painting and Tie-Dyeing Supplies

Today we visited a store here in Edmonton that actually had some supplies I was able to buy and will be able to use in the very near future. I’ve now got various bits and pieces that will enable me to both tie-dye and do some silk painting.

Fiona Stolze silk painting suppliesI was especially pleased to be able to get hold of a tjanting, one of those sweet little Indonesian devices that is used to apply wax to the fabric when creating batik. My preference is to use soya wax, but I have already found a source and will be ordering myself a bag in the next day or two along with some acid dyes for the painting.

There is also a bottle of discharge paste which I will be using on the silk for some lovely effects, but more of that later. And of course the colourless resist is for drawing lines, either clear or with dyes added.

The urea and soda ash are for the tie-dye experiments, but for that I will need some fibre reactive dyes and some cotton to play around with. Rayon would do if I can find some.

I am also going to be looking for a nice big cooking pot and a round cake cooling tray to put on top. Again, more of that later.

Right at this moment I have no idea what my first projects will look like, but we’ll see as they emerge.

I guess I’m going to be busy blogging quite a bit. Watch this space. 🙂

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