New Horizons – Art as an Expression of (Wo)Man’s Indomitable Spirit

I love how we, as humans, have the capacity to tap into that wild, raw, primal energy of a stormy sea when confronted with seemingly insurmountable challenges. It’s as if we adjust the sat nav for distant, unknown shores and set sail, regardless of the outcome. We take on an almost unforgiving movement, striving relentlessly towards distant horizons. The salty spray, our breath, leaping high in the air as we lunge forwards, drawn magnetically by the gravitational pull of the moon. Drawn by destiny.

New Horizons acrylic abstract Fiona Stolze

And this in the face of what seems to be sheer madness. In the face of tremendous, opposing forces. Our indomitable spirit rises to the surface fueled simply and inextricably by what we know is deep and true. This is ours to do and fulfill. Moving lovingly towards new horizons in the eternal now.


This artwork is entitled “New Horizons” and is available for purchase: New Horizons – abstract art.

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