Moving Forwards When the Green Light Goes On

Do you find that life has a way of switching green lights off and on as you progress on your path? And do you have a sense that you actually have no control whatsoever over this switching on and off process?  And how do you feel being totally out of control in the process?

My most recent green light has been the opening up of my online silk painting courses which I truly did not see coming. But it’s often like that for me. I tend to be taking care of things, looking in one direction. Then suddenly, along comes the universe and gently taps me on the shoulder, inconveniently pointing out the opposite direction to me with an all-knowing grin on its face.

Then all there is to do is take a deep breath, turn around, set my compass to the new north star and off we go. The more I go into resistance, the longer it takes and the more difficult it all seems to be. Needlessly.

fiona stolze ambient skies

Life really is an adventure, and we are so totally out of control in all kinds of ways. Whenever we think we are doing a good job and try to take credit for things, along comes the universe and brings a bit of perspective in again. It’s a constant surrendering with a large portion of willingness to eat humble pie.

And currently I am feeling very stretched by my new challenges in preparing my new online silk painting classes. Learning new software, new tools, video making skills…and bringing in a large mix of the experience I’ve gained over the past 20 years. This is up, and through I go. Eyes on the green light.

And knowing that this is exactly what I am meant to be doing right now. To finish off I’d love to share with you a YouTube video I made over the past few days which includes a time lapse section of my creating a golden mandala on silk. It was fun and quite an accomplishment to complete. I’d love you to take a look and subscribe and like if you’d like to see more. Thanks.

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