Meeting Spirit to Spirit with Muriel, Singer-Songwriter in Glastonbury

I had the absolute pleasure a good couple of weeks ago of meeting spirit to spirit with Muriel in Glastonbury.

Muriel is an amazing soul who composes and sings beautiful songs from the heart, songs that speak to your spirit and invite you into that sacred space that she creates with her music.

I first heard her sing at Chalice Well many years ago and kept the connection to her music through her first album which I bought and took home on that day. A few years later she came with Neale Donald Walsh to visit Dublin, where we were living for 3 years, and graced the event with her voice.

So last month I had a lovely little trip down memory lane when I jumped into the car and drove down to Glastonbury for the day with my video camera and laptop to record an interview with her.

I was thrilled at all the fascinating things she shared during this time,  including hearing about other passions she has complementary to her music. It was lovely to learn about the background to some of the songs, how they had come about and putting her new album into context. And above all, I was delighted that she agreed to sing some of her songs especially for us.

So I’d love you to tune in to the video interview on Thursday. I’ll be publishing it on The Cosmic Web for you to watch at your leisure.

– here’s the link hot off the press! – Interview with Muriel, singer-songwriter in Glastonbury.

If you’d love to get a preview of some of Muriel’s work, you can listen to some samples on her site – MurielSings.

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