Massive Clearout of my Silkandart Online Shops

For many years I have sold a multitude of items in my online silk shops but this August I will be stopping selling most of them and bringing a complete focus to a small range of pure silks. By that I mean the scarves, wraps, altar cloths, silk bags, silk panels, etc.

Assorted silk cushions

Assorted silk cushions

All the other items are now being permanently phased out. These include small framed pictures, all types of supplies, mandala pocket mirrors, cushion/pillow covers, ties,  window pictures, painted cards, hangings, mandala greeting cards, etc.

The only exception to this is my mandala oracle deck which will continue to be offered in my shops for some time to come.

Leading up to August I will be offering all of these items that will be disappearing at reduced prices and very much hope they can all find new loving homes.

Silk window pictures

Silk window pictures

I am going to share some photos of these items here and if there is anything at all you are interested in and would like to have, either click on the item to be directed to a listing, or simply contact me on asking if it’s available and the shipping costs.

I’ve loved creating items over the years but it’s time to move on and I’m looking forward to having a very lightened load in my business.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Mandala pocket mirror

Mandala pocket mirror

These are a set of 2 mandala pocket mirrors which are perfect for your handbag at all times. You can buy them separately but getting them together saves both on individual price plus shipping.

To see the wide range of other items I have, please visit my Etsy shop and browse there. I’ll be reducing all the prices on items that are going.

I also have a few more of my small framed pictures. They will all cost £12 plus shipping. There are one or two more lotuses and a few labyrinths.

Lotus silk picture

Lotus silk picture

Click on this image to be taken to a listing and you’ll get all the details including size. Please contact me for available stock.

Click on the ‘Reduced Items’ section in my Etsy store for some of these above listed items – Silkandart Etsy Store




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  1. Parker says:

    Beautiful stuff. Do you still sell silk products? I saw this was posted awhile back.

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