Mantangles and More Art Group Challenge Two

Our group has completed its second art challenge. And it was so different from the first one. So here we are again with a gallery of the submitted finished pieces.

I’m going to share the brief with you to put you in the picture. Everyone was asked to create a mantangle (a zentangle-inspired mandala) on paper using a Sharpie. So no erasing. The finished piece was to be about 40cm x 40cm. The artist could either draw 5 random concentric circles or simply draw the outer circle and fill it in spontaneously. This was all about just letting the lines emerge as they wanted to. Patterns, curves, zigzag lines. Not pretty art. Just whatever jumped out onto the paper.

Next, the artist had to choose 2 complementary colours and use these, whether acrylic, oil, coloured pencils, crayons, etc. to colour in the design. Only two colours.

Here, below, are 5 pieces that were completed and submitted in the group. I hope you enjoy them and share this post around. Please also comment and share your appreciation of the artwork if you feel moved to.


The first image was created by Jessica Jackson. This is what Jessica has to say about her process:

Jessica Jackson’s mantangle


I could ask myself as the pen moves as if by its own volition, “What is the meaning of Life?”, and the answer so simply is FORM.

‘This could go on forever!
What is life but form
Moved by the beyond
Endlessly infilling’


The second image was created by Janet Dean. I’ll let Janet’s own words speak for her artwork:

“Not a lot of doodling but it did turn into a self- portrait. My grandmother and mother raised me …gram is the big circle with colour spilling out, saltire to obloid is her journey to Canada, stylized thistle was her inherent Scottishness that got passed down… next circle, not distinguished to much since they both raised me but has plumeria for mums time in Hawaii where she met my dad, stylized cadeseus as her nursing career was her soul and the runic symbol for protection as she kept us safe… then the circle of me set apart slightly as they died when I was young..stylized wings represent my philosophy as a teacher of adults, the next a symbol of curiousity ( my superpower) , then stylized bear paws as I am a bit of a grumpy momma bear and finally token lines that don’t have a specific end point which feels like my professional journey….the muddy middle is our shared heart and the projected diamond represents our responsibility to add value to the world ( our family motto) ….

Whew, didn’t expect this journey on this challenge but there it is. First piece of art where it was all done for me…”


The next mantangle was created by Lis O’Kelly. Here is her artwork:

Lis had the following to say about her process –

“Calling this ‘Just Bee yourself’. Enjoyed this challenge more than I thought I would. x”


The fourth image was created by Joy Light. This is the mantangle she created:

“Here is my spring flower mantangle. I used black heavily in my design, boldly designing with a black sharpie. I chose orchid and turquoise for my colors. I’m proud to have started and completed this challenge and I’m happy with how it turned out. I have repeated flower petals and Art Deco motifs in this mandala.”


And finally, this was the mantangle I created – Fiona Stolze.

“It was good to just let this crowded mantangle emerge without me editing it in any way. Now, posting the photo, I realised I had no idea what way up this picture goes. I have 4 photos. So I just chose one and that’s it. No more indecision. All in all, this process showed me what a perfectionist I normally am – no wonder things take me so long to do.”


Thanks to everyone who joined in with this second challenge. I hope you will all contribute to the next one. And we’d love for more of you to take part with us too. Leave a comment at the bottom if you’d like to join in.

Thanks. 🙂

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2 Responses to Mantangles and More Art Group Challenge Two

  1. Niki says:

    Dear Fiona!
    My name is Niki, and I would like to join in for the next challenge/s. Please let me know the topic and when it starts. Thanks!

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Dear Niki

      Thanks for your message. I do apologise for not replying sooner but I have not been receiving notifications for this blog and am just catching up now. I have not been active here for some time and the group did not do a further art challenge. I will hold onto your details and if we decide to do another one, I will contact you and let you know.

      Warm wishes

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