Mandala Window Transfers Visible Inside and Outside

Mandala window transfers

I’ve at last got the final selection in place for my new mandala window transfers.  Here are the four images I’m starting with.

And here are all the details:

1 – The Return of the Sister Bride

2 – Expressing the Inner Self

3 – The Dawn of Our Spiritual Awakening

4 – Metamorphical Reflections

Each of these transfers is round as in the second image on this page. The design is visible from both inside the room and outside. They are 19cm in diameter which is approx. 7 1/2″ (just about a handspan). They are self-cling which means that once you have a clean window surface, the transfer can be applied with a little dampness and sticks there for a very long time.

The price is £8 plus p+p.

Images showing look of final transfer

All orders can be shipped within 48 hours.

Please contact me at . Thanks.

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3 Responses to Mandala Window Transfers Visible Inside and Outside

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  2. They’re so beautiful, I love the detail and how much love you put into them!

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