Mandala Paintings, Silk & Art and Tallaght Library, Dublin

Just a couple of days ago I was browsing through my thousands of digital photos from the past few years and came across a handful I had of an exhibition I did in Tallaght Library in Dublin in 2009.

It was one of those spontaneous, last minute things. A few days before the Easter holidays were due to start. And someone who had been scheduled to exhibit their artwork for 3 weeks had withdrawn.

So they were looking for someone who could step in at really short notice. And that’s when a friend of mine gave me a call and asked if I were interested.

I sorted out some of my pieces, cleaned them all up, got the fixtures and labels ready and off we went.

Tallaght Library itself was a huge, airy building. Very modern and user friendly. We got the paintings set up on some display walls they supplied and then we left them to do their work.

It turned out that the 3 week period I had was very quiet as very many families were off on their travels. However, it’s always lovely as an artist to have the opportunity to expose my paintings to the general public.

I was told that there was interest in my work and quite a few people took my business cards and leaflets with them.

When the time was up we returned to the library and dismantled the display, wrapping the mandala paintings up in bubble wrap ready for their trip home.

And that was it. Or so I thought.

Several months later, in fact a few days before we were leaving Ireland for the South of England again, I got a phonecall from a woman who had seen my artwork in the library and would love to have one of my paintings.

So she came round to visit us a few days later, amidst packing boxes, bubblewrap and sellotape.

We took the time to have a good look at all of my paintings and to discuss which one might best fit into her home.

Wonderfully we came to a solution that everyone was happy with. She chose ‘Expressing the Inner Self’ which has a beautiful orange background, one of the colours this customer wanted to have included within her painting.

And so off it went to its new home. The rest of the paintings were duly wrapped up and made ready for their road and ferry trip over to Bristol.

Expressing the Inner Self - a mandala silk painting by Fiona Stolze

The point of this story is this…

You can never judge the success of an exhibition or display simply by counting how many people turned up to look or how many people said they liked it.

Or by the fact that you did or didn’t make sales at the time.

You just never know who you are touching with your artwork.

You never know who has gone off feeling a real connection with what you create.

You just never know what you have set in motion.

**NB: The above painting is also available as a quality printed silk picture with hand embellishments using gold gutta and stretched on a chunky canvas frame. Here is a link to my Silkandart Etsy shop with photos and all the details.

If you’d like to commission me to create a silk painting for you, please have a look at the Silk & Art website and my Silk & Art Commissions page. You can contact me at

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2 Responses to Mandala Paintings, Silk & Art and Tallaght Library, Dublin

  1. Joy Light says:

    So true Fiona, I met a woman at the Pasadena Bead & Design show who then told me she would like her wedding dress made by hand. Two years passed, I figured, she’d found another dress or decided not to marry after all – well, within the week of my deciding it was never going to happen, I got an email with a request to create a dress for her! It was a wonderful reminder of the very thing your blog is saying. Don’t underestimate the power of connection, don’t limit your ideas either!


    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Hi Joy and thanks so much for sharing this. It’s important to stay present with it all and enjoy it for what it is. I so love when people get back in touch so totally out of the blue. When that connection has been made, it stays, doesn’t it. I’ll bet you loved creating that dress for her. 🙂 x

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