Mandala Painting Competitions – March 2011

I got lots of lovely feedback after I ran a competition in January asking you to print out and paint one of my mandalas on silk, giving it your own interpretation. So thank you very much for that.

It did become clear that a few of you had somehow missed the announcement and were looking forward to taking part in the next one.

Free mandala template March 2011

Therefore I’m attaching this announcement to a new blog post so that it will get circulated a bit more widely and hopefully reach a few more of you.

There’s another reason why I am not directly announcing it on my Facebook Silkandart page and that’s because I found out that it is not allowed to run competitions of any kind on that platform. The solution they suggest is running it via a blog. And that’s exactly what I am doing.

So, here’s what you need to do if you’d like to take part. First of all download the mandala template here. You may keep it for your own personal use but this doesn’t include any commercial use, including reproducing and selling it. Thank you for respecting this. Copyright remains with me, the artist.

Next transfer it onto your silk and paint it creatively in any way you would like to. When your picture is completed, just take a photo of it and send it to me at by Friday 1st April. I will be posting reminders so that you don’t miss this date.

All photos submitted will be published on my blog as again, I am not allowed to do this on my Facebook page. One of these will be chosen as a winner and will receive a pack of 12 assorted mandala greeting cards from me.

I’m really looking forward to receiving lots of responses and would love you to join in this time round. It’s a great way to to really enjoy your creative expression. Even if you have taken part before, you are always welcome to participate.

Have fun.

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