Mandala Greeting Cards – fabulous low prices

Selection of Silk & Art mandala greetings cards available

Selection of Silk & Art mandala greetings cards available

We’ve got a great selection of mandala greeting cards available to you from Silk & Art. On the front of each one is one of my mandala silk paintings. The cards are left blank inside for your own message which makes them really adaptable for any occasion. Each card comes complete with a white envelope inside a poly bag.

You can buy these in packs of 12 which contain one of each mandala design:

£15 plus p+p to UK, Europe and the rest of the world (approx. $23.00 + pp)

You can buy these cards now securely through Paypal from the Silk & Art website or the Silk & Art Etsy shop.

All wholesale enquiries are very welcome from shops, healing centres, therapists, etc. Please contact us for details through Silk & Art at

If you’d like to see some of this mandala art featured on a video I posted on YouTube, please go to Mandalas on Silk.

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2 Responses to Mandala Greeting Cards – fabulous low prices

  1. fionastolze says:

    Thank you for these comments. You’ve given me some inspiration for the next mandalas I paint……

  2. Michael says:

    These cards are lovely and inspiring.
    Deepak Chopra recommends to meditate in front of a MANDALA ( This really deepens the experience and the focus.
    He says, that in the same way that MANTRAs – spoken words – can be useful to balance mind and body through hearing, so can MANDALAs – visually inspiring center points – assist in generating increased coherence in our brains, balancing and calming the mind.
    Now imagine the synergistic effect of using MANDALAs and MANTRAs together!

    Wow, blessings,

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