Making Our Inner Knowing Come Alive

I love how life constantly demonstrates what is. Right there in front of us. No escaping it. But very often we’re not always ready to open our eyes and see it without any filters. And it’s the easiest thing to just try to turn a blind eye, choose the easy option and get on with something else.

There have been big reminders in recent times to not just sit there and ‘know’ but to get up and bring it all to life. Make it happen.

It’s so easy to mistake knowing the truth of something with actually living it. We can get so lost in our heads just talking about it, about how wonderfully we understand it and can explain it to others.

And then when the next step reveals itself, we can get lost in higher level talk and justify and rationalise and find enough reasons to stay where we are. It’s called spiritual arrogance. That’s when we forget who we really are and think that we’re the teacher, the boss and that we’re in control. We know the theory of following our innermost, but when the call comes, the fear drives us to jump back in the driver seat and let ourselves take over the show again.

Just imagine you’ve been under the illusion of being trapped in a little golden bubble for a long time with no hope of ever getting out.  And there’s only one little securely locked door. One day a little golden key manifests on the floor in front of you. Seemingly out of thin air. You know without a doubt that this is the key that will open the locked door you’ve been staring at for oh so long.

But…unless you pick it up, put it in the lock and turn it, nothing, truly nothing is going to happen. You can talk until the cows come home about the wonderful inner shifts you have had which enabled this manifestation but unless you pick up the key and do the walking, what use is any of it? You are in possession of the golden key. That’s all.

And you start thinking about all the comforts you have here, despite being incarcerated. The carpets are soft and luxurious, the bed is cosy and comfortable, there is beautiful music and there are delicious smells, the food is just out of this world…the list goes on and on.

And then your eye falls on the key again.

What is there left to do but pick it up, open the door, move on through and enter new territory. Even if there’s a storm raging on the other side – or if the temperature drops and you start freezing – or if there’s a vampire lurking in the shadows – or if everything you think you have goes up in flames when you take that first step.

Don’t let outer circumstances distract you. Don’t be put off by apparent lack of comfort or hardship. These are never reasons not to follow your calling, to respond to your inner knowing.

When the inner green light goes on, it’s time to move. Quite simply.

No retraction into what we think we know better. What we feel safe with. The greatest spiritual growth comes when we can trust in our knowing no matter what is going on around us. No matter if we seem to come away empty handed. No matter if we seem to look really stupid for our choice. No matter if it’s painful in our heart.

When the call comes, we have to let our feet do the walking and make it all a reality. On the darkest day. Within the tightest squeeze. Amidst the greatest discomfort.

Just move. And trust.

And grow.

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