Living the Raw Food Lifestyle – How to Make a Fruit Juice for Breakfast

It seems like forever since we started the raw food lifestyle and it’s a constant learning process. Every day something new is unfolding and revealing itself to us.

Often when I’m talking to people about it they say: ‘Hey, so tell me, what do you actually eat on a daily basis?’ It’s quite funny when I realise that they think I’m living off raw carrot sticks and drinking cold water. Brrrrr…. the truth is far from that.

And so I decided I would do some really basic down-to-earth videos and posts letting you see what sort of things I eat and drink.

So here’s what I have for breakfast….

One thing became clear really early on. The vast majority of people I know have never owned a juicer and aren’t really sure what they would do with one. So it’s important to see one in action and get clear instructions on what to do with it.

For those who are really strictly into the raw food regime and want to juice the grasses that are deeply cleansing, such as wheat grass, then the basic juicer we have won’t do the trick. But if you are wanting to get started, then the common centrifugal one is perfect. The difference shows itself clearly in the price.

Fresh fruits for juicing

The more expensive ones are called extruders and they make a really thorough job of extracting all of the juice from your fruit and veg. However, as I said, centrifugal is perfect for getting going.

Watch the video I made and just pop in the small slices of fruit and push them down gently with the piece supplied with the machine.

As I mentioned, make sure you take any thick peels off as they can taste very bitter and spoil the experience. I peel my oranges and cucumbers. Fruits that are really squishy are best not juiced as you will hardly get any liquid out of them and that’s quite a waste. So you can consider using your blender for a tasty mix.

But  that’s coming in the next few days.

So why not give it a go? Start drinking a juice each day instead of tucking into a heavy or sweet cooked breakfast and just observe. See how you feel and go with that. In fact, the benefits of drinking fresh juices are huge…..but you’ll need to wait for my next blog post to find out more.

Have fun with it and please let me know how things go. And keep watching this space as I share more of process.

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