Living in a River of Constant Change

If there’s one thing that is sure, it is that we live in a world of constant change. The person that gets up in the morning is not the same as the one that jumps into bed at the end of an active day. And the same is true of every other aspect of our lives.

Blue River Fiona Stolze acrylic painting

The endless cycle of seasons, the constant wheel of days and nights, the mesmerising dance of sun and moon rising and setting plays out in front of our eyes (if we take a moment to really look at it). One  experience after another arises in the moment and fades again just as quickly.

Everything keeps sliding imperceptibly and relentlessly into the realm of memories. A realm we access through a mesh of self-made filters, a veil of core beliefs. A realm we hold so dear. A realm we ridiculously cling onto as if our lives depended on it….

Nothing in this world ever stays the same and yet, in the human experience, the kaleidoscope’s every micro movement  has us scrambling to hold onto and maintain the illusory status quo. We resist change so much due to deep-seated fear around it. Fear that natural change will destabilise our illusory lives. And yet going into resistance is paramount to trying to defy gravity. It’s not real. And it’s the main cause of our suffering in human existence. Unnecessary and unreal. Change is integral to life…

In the moments when we just slow down and empty out, we see that there is nothing to hold onto. All that is real is right here, right now. In this present moment of stillness. Only now. Each breath anchoring us in this. And the rest is like moving through a sweeping wave of colour, sound, taste, emotions, feelings, experience… everything that existence can offer us. Transitory. Flowing. The story book. Enjoy it as it arises and move on.

When we wake up to the simplicity of being in a river of constant change and being at peace within that, our lives change dramatically. Being pure awareness that never changes at the centre of all this. Being aware of the constant change and loving it for what it is and as it is. Adapting, adjusting, saying yes. Embracing it all. Moving on through. Loving living in the river. And holding on to nothing.

I’d love to hear how you are embracing being in the river of constant change.

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