oracle cardsIf you have never had a reading done before, I’d love to invite you to come and try one out. I have several options on offer – short email readings, face to face via Skype for half an hour or a whole hour.  And if you don’t have time due to a busy schedule, book a recorded reading and I’ll send you an mp3 within 48 hours.

I do all my readings using my very own mandala oracle deck, ‘A Sea of Calm’.  This deck is now in its second edition. If you’d like your own copy, here is the link: Mandala oracle deck.

My regular hourly Skype readings are available at £20 for half an hour. This rate will be available by clicking on the appropriate links below without any special code. If you would like to book a full hour reading, this will be available for £40 and a 90 minute reading for £55. Please keep an eye out for special offers throughout the year.

You can also book a yearly subscription with me including one skype reading per month as well as one email support reading. Please contact me for more details.


Experience a live session with Fiona. A unique blend of oracle cards, tarot and intuition expertly blended with an infusion of counselling and coaching.


Being honest and dropping the stories restores the calm. And being calm enables you to know the next step.

FEATURED READINGS: fionastolze mandala readings


90 MINUTE DETAILED SKYPE READINGS (with recording): £55


See full list of readings below.

Please ask me if you have any questions.



Get clarity before making decisions: whether in career, family, love and relationships or just in life generally, it can sometimes be a huge help to get some guidance and see what potential is waiting there to be tapped into.

See where you might be standing in your own way: sometimes you can’t see where you are actually blocking your own progress. Having a reading can help you clear the way and move on from a stalemate.

A reading whether live or recorded with Fiona is like a snapshot which harnesses the energy prevalent in your life right now and gives pointers to potential outcomes and courses of action. It will help to give you that push that you need to move things on and get honest with yourself.

“I’ve always loved tuning into spirit and sharing insights and guidance with those who felt drawn to me.

My readings come from a  non-judgmental place, allowing you to see a situation as it really is and take steps that will serve you well. This often involves taking a heart-felt but tough approach so that you can drop the stories that are holding you back.

I offer individual intuitive tailor-made readings which can be either live online via skype, by telephone (UK) or sent to you as an MP3 file to listen to at your own leisure.

The sessions I do are especially personalised through the set of cards I have developed from my own artwork, my mandala paintings.  I receive many additional insights through using additional tarot cards if need be, my strong intuition and my counselling and coaching skills in the field of self awareness.

We can look at where you are right now and what lies in the near future. Together we can see what action might best serve you. It’s up to you whether you come for general guidance or decide to ask specific questions as we go. I also offer detailed month by month readings which give you a rounded picture of the year lying ahead. We can take a detailed look at each of the areas of your life and see how you can break the deadlock and move forward.

Contact me at or and let us put together a session or series of sessions that would best serve you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Choose from:

Mini Card Readings by Email (Up to 3 questions may be asked): £10

Short Live Reading via Skype or telephone – half an hour: £20.00

Full Hour Face to Face Readings via Skype: £40.00

Detailed Live Readings via Skype or telephone – 60 mins 90 MINS: £55

SPECIAL 12 month readings with monthly focus – 6o mins 90 mins: £55


I do not seek out very many intuitive, guidance, psychic readings – as I am an astrologer and I am also very intutiive – but sometimes its good to have someone that completely gets inside of you and helps you understand YOU better. Fiona helps bring it all into perspective in such a loving heart felt manner. If there is something going on in your life, and you need guidance from someone, I would highly suggest Fiona from Silk & Art, she simply radiates love – the link to get to her offers is here:

Really, Fiona is a blessing and loving kind soul, thank you Fiona – simply for being your wonderful you!
Starlene Breiter

Fiona’s inspired oracle card readings have changed my life, helped me through 2 very difficult things in my life, and inspired me to keep going! Her inspired words carry more weight and more clarity with one card than in full readings I have had many times before. Even when asking for general guidance, Fiona 100% of the time has honed in on what was really in my heart. Besides my husband, she has single handedly helped me to believe, trust and keep going. Her intuition is invaluable and spot on! Thank you Fiona! -
Kim Jablonski

Peace, Love and Happiness to you Fiona.
I think you’d love to know how accurate your impressions are. The answer to my second question is so true… thank you for these positive words for the new year. Much love to you. -

I called your show on Blog Talk Radio in January 2012. I was the last caller that day. You saw a man asking me to step out of my comfort zone so to speak…. and maybe leave the state. I knew the man you you were picking up on . I heard from him yesterday. He is somewhat of a famous person in certain circles and used to be my boyfriend way back….. he asked me to come to his city to a show he will be in.. I wont be able to go for many reasons  but i just wanted to give you feedback on the reading and how accurate it was. Thank you very much.
I just had an amazing reading with Fiona Stolze!!! She has a special on until the end of January, here is the link, Book your appointment soon to take advantage of this amazing deal, it will be so worth your while!!! Thank you Fiona, it was Awesome!!! ~♥~

 Donna C

I have worked for spirit professionally for the last seven years, and have been clairauduent since I was twelve.I have just had a completely’ blind’ reading from you which was both accurate and amazing . Even though I connect with spirit in my professional life, I too need guidance and reassurance, sometimes. Your reading confirmed what I knew, and gave 100% accuracy. Fiona, you were amazing. Thank you. Alison x
Alison K. J.



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  3. ana says:

    Hi Fiona
    i just saw your work..beautiful.;they are so powerfull..can i ask you how much it is cause i can t find it?thanks in advance.Blessings

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Hi Ana – thank you so much for your appreciation of my work. I was just wondering if you were referring to the silk mandalas or the readings above? The silks all have different prices. If you let me know what you particularly liked, I can email you some information about pricing. I am now offering a new service of a soul mandala with a personalised reading. Here is the link to the video with information:

      The introductory price for the reading and painting is £195.

      Warm wishes


  4. Hi Fiona, can you pull me a card today please?

  5. I have worked for spirit professionally for the last seven years, and have been clairauduent since I was twelve.I have just had a completely’ blind’ reading from you which was both accurate and amazing . Even though I connect with spirit in my professional life, I too need guidance and reassurance, sometimes. Your reading confirmed what I knew, and gave 100% accuracy. Fiona, you were amazing. Thank you. Alison x

  6. amelia says:

    Not just Fiona’s reading is amazing, her Mandala workshop too!
    With her Tarot card guidance, her reading talked what was inside my heart. Thank you again for offering an affordable reading price to us.

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  9. Starlene says:

    Fiona, thank you, you are simply a beautiful soul. I appreciate and loved my reading, it was just what I needed to hear!

    xo, Star

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