It’s All About Vibration

In this world we co-inhabit it’s worthwhile remembering that anyone can share anything. Anything at all. And amidst all the chaos that ensues, it’s important for us all to keep reminding each other that it’s all only about resonance.

What vibration are we living? What are we putting out there into this world? Are we all aware that every word we express goes into our world, touching and changing all others in it, near and far? Are we remembering that every time we get emotionally upset and blurt it out into the ether, this vibrational form goes out and seamlessly merges with everything?

I am constantly reminded of the enormity of this. Of how my every breath infills and inspires others as long as I take care to bring what is deeper into outer form. So when I want to share something, I stop and open my heart and allow the words to flow from there. My heart informs me if this is good. And if it is, I do it more.

Anything not of this vibration does not get past the doorway through the portal. I am the Gatekeeper. Only love passes the test and is allowed free passage into this world. There is nothing else that matters. And in those moments where we think we don’t know, we only need to become silent and let the truth reveal itself. And that is then how we move. Let’s all be Gatekeepers for our Heart and Planet. 💕

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