Inspired by Green Chrysocolla to Paint Beautiful Heart Chakra Silks

A few days ago a lovely friend of mine drew a card and gave me a short reading. Amongst other things a gemstone message came through. I went off to see what I had in my little treasure box of stones and this is the piece that I found. I just had to capture it on camera.

It turned out that this was a mixture of chrysocolla and malachite and not the chrysoprase that had been spoken about but I I found it so beautiful and was immediately inspired to recreate its gorgeous colours and patterns on silk.

The wonderful shades of green and turquoise touch me so deeply at present, beautiful heart chakra colours and so this was just perfect for delving into and exploring with my silk art.

I decided I would create my silk using a combination of techniques, painting and batik using soya wax as a resist.

So I set about mixing some colours that I felt would be in harmony with the chrysocol. This first picture shows the colour palette and how it looked after it dried overnight.

Steamed silk scarf ready for wax

Then I steamed it so that I could freely work on the next layer without any thoughts of anything getting wet and the unfixed dyes doing their own thing.

Sillk scarf ready for soya wax

I then got out one of my frames and stretched the silk on it, ready to receive a full layer of soya wax. It was funny because the silk became quite heavy and gravity was working against me, making the fabric drop downwards off the hooks. So I had to keep rehooking the edges.

Crinkled silk scarf

When it was all in place, I left the wax to thoroughly dry overnight and the next morning I even cooled it down for an hour in the fridge. I then scrunched it up between my hands before attaching it to the frame again.

Silk dye applied on top of soya wax

The next step was to apply a darker dye all over the piece. I took care to dab off lots of the excess dye from the wax and then left that to dry overnight too.

Second layer dried and ready for ironing

I like to remove most of the wax before the steaming because otherwise I have a veritable bath of wax. So I put it on the ironing board between layers of kitchen crepe. But be warned, the dye and the wax crumbs go EVERYWHERE. On the ironing board, on the carpet, etc.

Silk scarf fresh out of the steamer

After another 3 hours of steaming, out came the silk into a basin full of warm shampoo water for a good rinse.

This is the final piece, ironed and displayed for all to see.

Completed gemstone silk scarf

I totally loved creating this piece and have so much inspiration for further pieces. If you’d like to see me create anything inspired by this silk especially for you, please let me know. Just get in touch at

Chrysocolla and silk snuggled in together - the perfect match

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2 Responses to Inspired by Green Chrysocolla to Paint Beautiful Heart Chakra Silks

  1. mariel says:

    great post I enjoyed it very much. Glorious colors! magnifico magnifico!
    from Argentina, a new follower

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Thanks Mariel. I appreciate your feedback. Glad you enjoy the art. And thank you for being a new follower. Welcome on board. x

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