A Simple Guide to Meditation for Relaxation

Hello, my name is Fiona Stolze and I’d like to thank you for visiting this page. I love to inspire people to relax, meditate and get centred and present amidst all the chaos and distractions that are going on today.

Many of you ask me how I find that still space within and would love to be able to sit down each day to relax and calm your mind. But most of you are unsure of how to go about this or what first step to take and would love to learn how to cultivate a meditation practice.

So I’ve created this audio recording which will help you to learn meditation in a few easy steps. This very simple guide goes right back to basics and leads you through the process step by step, making starting an easy thing to do.

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People can get used to stress very easily and tend to downplay it. How about you? Have you come to look upon your hectic lifestyle as normal and learned to accept it and put up with it? So how can you recognise stress in your life?

Here are some tell-tale signs that might indicate that you could benefit from meditation and relaxation exercises:

  • chronic insomnia
  • low energy levels
  • headaches
  • on edge a lot of the time
  • irritable
  • rushed off your feet most of the time
  • never manage to get anything done properly
  • susceptible to colds and minor illnesses
  • tight muscles and tension

These could all be signs that you are under the weather and suffering due to a chaotic life style. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with stress in your life.

*Please note that if any of these symptoms persist, it is advisable to seek medical advice from your GP. Meditation and relaxation exercises are not meant as a replacement for appropriate diagnosis and treatment from your doctor.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy some of the potential benefits of relaxing and doing meditation on a regular basis?

  • slow everything down
  • reduce  your brain noise and calm your mind
  • reduce bodily tension
  • deepen your breathing
  • restore a feeling of joyfulness
  • deepen your sense of peace

Click here to hear an excerpt from my Simple Guide to Meditation for Relaxation.

BUY NOW – Download ‘A Simple Guide to Meditation’ in MP3 format – £4.97 using PayPal

Buy Now

When you buy this download this is what you get in the package:

Track One: Why Meditate and Preparing Your Space – explains what meditation is and is not, why you might want to meditate and what to do beforehand to gain the maximum benefit from your practice.

Track Two: The Meditation – this is the simple guide to meditation for relaxation. It is approx. 11 mins long and is meant to be listened to every day for at least 28 days in the morning to instil a great new habit.

Track Three: Post Meditation – this track gives you some hints and tips as to how to further enhance your experience of meditation by extending it into your daily life.

Money Back Guarantee – I’m absolutely convinced you are going to enjoy working with this material. However, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with this Simple Guide to Meditation for Relaxation, I will refund your money as part of my no quibbles policy.


“Fiona has an incredibly calm and  soothing voice.  Exactly what you would want to listen to before you start getting into a meditative state.   People are told to meditate, that it’s healthy for them, but understanding the specifics of this is important to motivate individuals to do so.  Fiona has gone the extra mile with this by giving you the What, the How and the Why.   This will give you the push you need to incorporate meditation into your daily routine.  Namaste, Holli”

Holli Rovenger, USA

” Fiona’s gentle tone of voice and dialogue, is like a close friend, engaging us in a personal conversation, taking us softly by the hand and walking us into a safe place as she explains through her own experiences rather than generalised expectations.
This is a lovely introduction to meditation – both in explanation of some of its benefits, as well as guiding us,for a few moments, into the still quiet internal place, where we can reconnect with ourselves – is timed to slot easily into any ones daily routine. “
Tilly Campbell-Allen, France