How to Stop Barking Dogs Interrupting Your Recording Session…

For several days now I have had an item on my ‘to do’ list and because it is quite an intricate one, I have been saving it for the right time. Or so I told myself.

I’ve been watching myself closely and recognising my avoidance tactics. And I’m really on the job now. This means that I’m not making things easy for myself any more.

Tree in full blossom

Today I was fully committed to getting started on a voice-over I had lined up. Early this afternoon I gave myself instructions to take all my equipment up into my art attic and get going. Which I dutifully did.  I had already edited my snippets of footage, pasted them all together with transitions and was ready to get started. A couple of sound recordings later and all I had to do was press on the ‘record’ button. Which I did.

But a few seconds later there was some very loud, sharp barking wafting up from our neighbours’ garden two houses along. I continued with the recording thinking that it wouldn’t really make all that much difference. But the barking continued. And got louder.

So I pressed the stop button and replayed what I had managed to record. I had secretly been hoping that the dogs wouldn’t be audible on my file. Unfortunately they were. The barking went on. I got up, opened the window and shouted to them to please stop barking as I wanted to get my voice-over done today.  They weren’t in the least accomodating. Not that I expected them to be.

At this moment I was reminded of one of Ann Evanston’s recent videos called Get More Done! Focus on what You Control and had to laugh. This was definitely one of those moments I had no control over whatsoever. Not one little bit.

My Mother's Day flowers and acrylic paintings in our kitchen

So I went back downstairs, grabbed my camera and started to take some spontaneous pictures. Some in the kitchen extension with my Mother’s Day flowers and fun acrylic artwork I had done a few months earlier with my kids.

Then I went out into the garden and was amazed at how beautiful it was. The birds were twittering their little hearts out amidst all the gorgeous buds bursting open in the warm Spring sunshine.

Beautiful Flowering Raspberry

What a gift.

All thoughts of the recording session had faded and I completely lost myself walking around taking photos and enjoying the rays of sunshine on my face. I decided to dedicate today’s post to these shots and began to upload them to my computer.

And as I started to write this post, something funny occurred to me. The only sound coming from outside was a gentle chirping.

I smiled and felt completely at peace, thrilled that I had lured myself out into the sunshine and filled up my tank.

How to stop barking dogs interrupting your recording session? You don’t. And I’ll do my recording after I return from yoga this evening.

I’d love you to share any stories you have about things that could have got you really upset but didn’t, because you didn’t give your energy away to them.

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4 Responses to How to Stop Barking Dogs Interrupting Your Recording Session…

  1. great post! Sometimes I get so frustrated with things that I cannot control, and you just have to step back and regroup. How amazing that you had fun doing so — yay!
    Love Love Love the photos and your Mother’s Day Paintings — Rachel

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Thanks Rachel. Glad you enjoyed this. I just keep reminding myself to get out of my own way and to not dig my heels in. x

  2. Judy Szabo says:

    Just love this one Fiona, especially the paintings done with your kids. Unfortunately the barking starts here when I go into the garden, the neighbours guard dog is way too loud and can’t get it into his thick head that this side of the fence is MY domain and I am not a burglar in my own garden :)) xx

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Thanks a lot Judy. I even took a bit of video that day that we all sat and painted together in my attic studio. We had music playing and it was really creative. And the dogs…have you told your neighbours how you feel? If it happened every time I went into the garden I would be a bit miffed. Maybe it’s time to move somewhere else? Who knows….

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