How to Make Raw Chocolate with Heart – a Valentine’s Day Special

I promised so many of you that I would make a video showing how to make these yummy raw chocolate treats that I keep talking about.

Well  here it is, so if you watch this first, we can have a chat about it afterwards:

As I mentioned the trick is to really use equal measures of the three main ingredients, raw cacao powder, raw cacao butter and agave nectar or sweetener of your choice.

Whatever else you add it totally up to you.

I ended up with around 25 of those chocolates you can see in the video, both the hearts and the rolo-shaped ones. They are quite substantial as a normal square of chocolate from a bar would be about 4gr compared to these which weigh approx. 11gr.

So what are the benefits to eating these as opposed to munching a regular bar of shop-bought chocolate?

Well the first most obvious answer is that raw cacao is so jam-packed with nutrients that it’s really a meal in itself. And if you are using agave nectar with it, that has a very low GI which means that you your energy isn’t spiking and then crashing a short while later.

A delicious serving of heart-shaped raw chocolate treats

The cacao is so easily digestible and offers all sorts of health benefits which means that you can ideally snack on it inbetween meals and not ruin your appetite. In fact the cacao powder can be added to your meal and become an integral part of it.

I use it in the first half of the day in smoothies and it’s amazing how long I can go without feeling hungry and wanting to stuff myself with empty calories shortly afterwards. I’m planning to make a video of me making one of these treats for myself.

This way of eating chocolate is the perfect solution for those of you who are addicted to binging on regular chocolate while curled up on the sofa watching your favourite movies. You can wean yourself off the sugar laden version and slowly replace it with the health supportive version and really eat as much as you want without feeling guilty in the least.

Well raw chocolate is in my life to stay by the looks of things so you are going to see a lot more of it in my videos and writings. We’re hoping to share lots of ideas with you of how to prepare and enjoy it so we’d love you to tune in and find out more.

And with Valentine’s Day coming up, you can be reassured that your partner is going to especially love you if you make a gift of these raw chocolate goodies that you can both enjoy to your heart’s content with a glimmer of guilt.

Have fun!

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3 Responses to How to Make Raw Chocolate with Heart – a Valentine’s Day Special

  1. Hi Fiona,

    that was fun to watch!
    I have to try this, too. Never made raw chocolate truffles before. I am reading all your posts and I am watching your videos and I enjoy learning all these things about raw food. After my fast, I started eating partially raw, I do juicing and I am a 90% vegetarian. I haven’t found the ideal combination for me yet but I am feeling what gives me energy and what doesn’t. Still trying to find the balance and a better relationship to food. I feel that things are shifting already!

    It’s great to see what you can do with raw foods!
    Thanks for the info, love it,


    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Hi Franziska and lovely to hear how things are going for you. I was going to ask for an update and here it is! 🙂 Yes, it’s important to just keep on trying things out. See what works and what doesn’t. I think that relating to food in a balanced way is so important as it’s always tied up with so many limiting beliefs. Great to share with each other and keep watching this space. There’s lots more to come. <3

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