How to Have Fun with Soya Wax and Silk Painting (Part 1)

I’ve been working now for a while on my latest silk painting project which is actually the largest one I have created so far.

I bought some pretty embroidered silk a few years ago in a delicate salmon pink shade and was keeping it for something special. You know the sort of thing – you just keep holding on to it and never get round to using it. At the time I had bought many metres of this fabric and so I was keen to make something with it.

First layer of silk painting with dyes and salt effect

Well, I decided to incorporate it into a silk wall hanging and then I had the vision of how the completed piece was to look. My painting was to be the central panel and then I would sew on panels of the embroidered fabric to both sides.

Soya wax pattern on the silk painting

The central panel was going to be created on silk satin using soya wax applied with a thick brush, giving rough strokes.  The underlayer was a bright melange of oranges and yellows with salt effect, the middle layer was the wax and the top layer was an application of fuchsia and purple in between the waxed areas.

Applying the second layer of dye on top of the wax

I had created a smaller piece in this look and really loved it so decided to venture out and make a 2m length piece to cover a wall.

Me and the painted wallhanging before steaming

And today the panel is complete as you can see here. So I will be taking it off the frame, ironing it carefully between layers of kitchen crepe to remove most of the wax and then rolling it up in paper ready for steaming.

This will permanently fix the dyes and then afterwards I will wash and iron it before beginning to sew the outer panels in place to complete the wall hanging.

The 3-panelled piece will be attached to a hanger of some kind and hung here in our home. I’m so looking forward to that. It might even provide the backdrop for me to make my videos against.

I’m going to document the work done after the steaming in my next blog post, so you’ll see how the pieces of fabric get sewn together and how the wallhanging is created. Then there will be the ceremonious hanging up.

So watch this space for part 2 in a day or two.

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