Home Education UK – Choosing What Subjects to Study

Well, it’s into September and the schools have gone back and we are getting started on doing things at home.

I recorded a video today about us ordering some learning packs for the subjects Tim has chosen.:

It’s important to note that when you are in school, it is compulsory to have a foreign language, a science subject, one of the humanities, etc. However, when you have chosen education otherwise, you have free choice over this. Education is compulsory, schooling is not.

So you really can just tune into those subjects that would be the most fun and go for them.

There are 3 main examining boards in the UK – AQA, Edexcel and OCR. Each of these offer their own curriculum and you can get matching learning material to accompany this. For example, the full Revision Guide, the Workbook and finally Testpapers.

I’ll be talking a lot more about them as time goes on as there are quite a few technicalities linked with them, such as finding a place to be able to register and present for the exams.

The good thing is that there are also generic study guides available. Let’s be honest. Maths is maths. Regardless of which examination board you have chosen. So we have ordered these ones to get started.

The package is due to arrive in the morning so we can get started right away.

Tim’s blog is set up and we will be helping him to regularly post things there, along with these reports and useful resources we find along the way.

And it’s a priority for me to connect with others who are home-educating in this area. There are a few little hurdles to navigate before I can get in touch with them, so I’m hoping to give you some information on the networking as soon as things clear up.

I am aware, though, that the numbers of home educators are not huge. Seemingly there are around 20,000 in England and Wales combined. And they reckon there are another 20,000 being home schooled who are not registered in the system.

Finding and speaking to people who have been there and done it can save a huge amount of time and energy. I’m all for that.

If you have teenagers you have guided through home education towards certification, I’d love to hear from you.

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