Heart Connections

A couple of days ago I did a short reading based on the card I drew from my deck for the day. It was Heart Connection.

Heart connection oracle readingfiona stolzeIf  there’s one thing I’ve come to realise about my heart, it’s that I can’t pretend to have it open some of the time, and then close it down at other times when it suits me.

Either my heart is wide open or it’s contracted and closed. It’s quite simple really. And it’s a total illusion to think that I am protecting anything by trying to close it down. There’s nothing to protect my heart from. Love knows the way, no matter what.

Life calls on us to be open and vulnerable, reaching out to the other at all times and getting beyond all the stories of separation. No matter how we may be feeling about that inside.

It’s not that we need to find and cultivate heart connection. We actually are beautiful heart connection. We are actually love in motion right here and now. 

So for me, regardless of the situation, it’s all about returning to the heart. And moving  from there. 

If you’d like to hear the full sharing, check out this video:


And let me know in the comments box below what your thoughts are around being the love for others. I’d love to hear your experience of this in your life. 

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